Thursday, June 26, 2014

A snip and a prayer

The Prayer of Faith, the laying on of hands, the working of miracles, I have experienced all of these through my hairdresser Chrissie and her sweet mother Evelyn at whose house my hair gets primped and styled.   I went there in August of 2012, just two days after my first chemo session, feeling totally miserable.  Even though I was praying that I wouldn’t lose my hair, odds said that I would.  I had picked out a shorter style wig from a catalog and asked Chrissie if she could give me a similar cut. Then I could see how I looked with that style before I ordered the wig, and there would be less hair going down the drain if / when it did fall out. 

A snip here, a snip there “Lord we just thank you for a complete healing.  We curse these cancer cells.”  Snip Snip.  “Get all the way down to the root Oh Lord.”  And so it goes- intercession and work, like the men on the wall in Nehemiah.*  Doing the work of rebuilding the wall with one hand and having the sword ready to do battle against those who would oppose them in the other.  Phil is sitting beside me.  He has driven me, since I am still not able to drive yet.   Chrissie encourages us both.  “No charge” she says as she shakes out the sheet covered with hair.   “Come into the living room. Mom and I want to pray for you.”   I take a seat and Phil kneels next to me.  My spirit tries to rise above the pain I am feeling. Oh Lord, thank you for such special friends.  Lord I receive your answers to these prayers. They anoint us both with oil, lay hands on us, and pray for healing.  Pray for us to be witnesses to God’s great mercy.  And they pray some more. I feel sick and yet full of gratefulness and thanksgiving.  A God that hears and answers prayers.  A mother and daughter with Holy Ghost boldness.  A husband who is always by my side.  I am truly blessed.

Is this how to pray without ceasing - as I go about my work each day?

Prayer... automatic, effortless - 
as natural as breathing
Unashamed, Holy Spirit, faith-filled prayer
flowing from my lips as I go about my day.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18(ESV)
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
* Nehemiah 4:17